This coming weekend is Mother's Day. Traditionally, Mom is showered on her special day with flowers, jewelery, maybe even chocolate. You love mom and want to keep her happy and healthy for years to come -- so why not give her an alara case? When it comes to smartphones, you may think that it's teens and young adults dominating the market. Actually, moms are more likely than the general population to own smartphones. A recent survey by Marketing to Moms Coalition’s shows a big increase in smartphone ownership, up from 44% of moms in 2011 to 58% in 2012. And, among the 58% of moms who have smartphones, they are using the phones a lot. For moms, a smartphone is much more than a stylish accessory. It's an important tool that helps her communicate with her child(ren), caregivers and significant others. As well, smartphones help her accomplish tasks more effectively, and makes her life easier. As you know, smartphones and other wireless devices can increase exposure to radiation, which has shown to have a significant impact on one's health. At alara we take mobile radiation seriously. That’s why we design cases that protect people, not just their mobile devices. An alara case can help reduce exposure to radiation for mothers and their children, while providing an improved signal for faster reception, necessary for the“on-the-go” mother. Considering that 51% of moms say they’re “addicted” to their smartphone, a alara case makes the perfect gift. Order mom an alara case today!