Pong Research new iPad case comparison table

One of the things that makes alara’s iPad cases stand out is the fact that they provide more protection for your iPad than the original Apple Smart Cover. However, recently Apple announced a new a Smart Case for the new iPad and iPad 2. Does this mean that the alara iPad case is not longer extraordinary? Hardly. For one, the alara iPad case still increases your Wi-Fi reception by up to 9 times and your Wi-Fi range by up to 2 times. Compared to iPad alone, the alara iPad case increases your Wi-Fi reception by up to 3 time and your Wi-Fi range by up to 1.6 time. Not to mention, that it is designed to accelerate download speed by up to 9 times (don’t believe us? Check out this speed test.), while reducing radiation exposure (SAR) by up to 90% below International (ICNIRP) limit and 83% below the US (FCC) limit. Still, for those looking for more than increased wireless reception or reduced radiation, the case combines a Smart Cover-style screen protector with a hard-plastic back that wraps around the corners and sides. As Rick Broida points out in his CNet review alara’s new iPad case “can fold into more-Origami-like configurations than Apple's, thus giving you more ways to prop up your iPad.” The alara Research New iPad Case has a smarter cover than Apple's Smart Cover.