It’s back to school season and you know what that means? Making sure your student is equipped with appropriate accessories designed to facilitate an efficient and enjoyable classroom experience. Among the devices popping up in students’ backpacks this year are iPads and smartphones, like the just launched Samsung Galaxy S3, and the soon to be released 6th generation iPhone. In July, Apple announced that it has sold one million iPads to high schools and colleges, doubling its iPad sales to schools during the same quarter a year ago. Additionally, more and more schools are encouraging parents to buy iPads for children to use at school. But it isn’t just iPads making their way into your students’ backpacks. Smartphones are just as popular, especially since many educators have identified them as a positive presence in the classroom. This is good considering more than half of all college students have smartphones. Regardless of what tech gadgets are on your back to school list, make sure that an alara case is there as well. With alara's patented cellphone radiation protection technology, our iPhone and other smartphone cases not only reduce exposure to radiation, but optimize your mobile reception as well. This means that students will protect themselves from dangerous radiation and also ensure that they maintain a longer battery life and improved signal strength. The alara case will be available for the new iPhone 5 too – you will get exclusive offers by signing up for the alara mailing list in the sidebar of this page.