We’ve all experienced spotty cell reception. There are many variables that can affect your reception, from wireless network connectivity to the design and location of the antennas within your phone, but there is one thing you can do to boost your cell phone reception while protecting yourself from unwanted cell phone radiation exposure. alara case formally known as Pong cases can actually improve signal strength. Our cases are engineered to optimize the signal strength of your mobile devices, in addition to reducing your radiation exposure. How?


Your mobile device relies on radiation to communicate with the cell tower. Not only is the radiation absorption by your head and body a health concern, it weakens the signal strength of your mobile device. Because alara’s patented technology redirects and redistributes the radiation that is otherwise absorbed by your head and body, more of this radiation is available for communication. As a result, your mobile device’s signal strength is boosted. But that’s not all – an alara case can also improve your battery life. Your phone’s battery life is directly related to the power drain of the device – which is impacted by two things: how frequently you use your device and how far away you are from the cell tower. Poor signal strength makes your mobile device work harder to communicate with the cell tower by transmitting more power, which shortens the battery life of your device. alara boosts the signal strength of your mobile device by redirecting and redistributing, rather than reducing, your cell phone’s radiation. This means that your device doesn’t have to transmit more power to communicate with the cell tower. As a result, the battery life of your device with a alara case may be improved. In fact, we are so confident that you will like your mobile device’s performance in an alara case, we offer you our alara Pledge – if you notice a loss of cell signal from using your alara case, simply return the case to us within 60 days of receipt and alara will refund your purchase price. No questions asked!