Not all smartphones are created equal, nor are all wireless networks reliable. If you’ve experienced poor network connectivity on your iPhone, there are some things that you do boost your signal to give yourself a better chance to make uninterrupted calls from your iPhone. Even if your iPhone hasn't experienced reception problems, you may benefit from a signal boost. Not only can a stronger signal can help ensure your calls won't be missed or dropped, it can also help to reduce the amount of radiation your phone emits. The lower your signal strength, the harder your phone works; and the harder your phone works, the greater the intensity of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) emitted by your phone. You can easily boost your iPhone signal with an alara case formally known as Pong case is designed for this purpose. Alara’s signal boosting case is a protective, soft-touch case that fits over the iPhone and amplifies the signal, giving you better coverage. alara’s technology is internationally patented and works by a process of electromagnetic interaction using passive antennas (known as a Coupled Antenna System) embedded in each case. After using an alara case, many customers have noticed an immediate improvement in their signal strength and call reception. Overall, alara cases have been shown to reduce your radiation exposure by up to 95% below international safety limits, increases your talk-time battery life by up to 1.3 hours, and improves signal strength by up to 46%.