Consumer Reports jumps into the discussion on cell phone radiation and cancer in their November 2015 issue.  Author David Shipper educates readers by covering the background and basics of cell phone radiation then walks them through the full debate including the science of cellular radiation, the completed health studies, and the open questions on the possible relationship between cell phone radiation and cancer.
"As the debate over cell-phone radiation heats up, consumers deserve answers to whether there’s a cancer connection."
He ends the article with a call for clarity due to a number of unanswered questions around the effects of cell phone radiation and its possible health effects on the human body.  He especially focuses in on the effects of cellular radiation on children and the lack of testing in this area. What do you think?  We encourage you to read the article and sound in on the debate in the comments section of it.  We encourage you to let them know what you think and tell them if you use an alara case formally known as Pong Case to help! Read the full article: »