The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released a new report on the effect cell phone cases have on the amount of radiation your cell phone emits.  The study speaks to the concern that cell phone cases can weaken the phone’s signal and actually increase the users’ radiation exposure as the phone tries harder to communicate. The alara case formally known as Pong Case was born out of our concerns around exposure to cell phone radiation and the effects it may be having on us.   Through countless hours of testing and work by our team of scientists, physicists, and engineers, we invented a technology that reduces cell phone radiation exposure while maintaining the device’s signal strength. During research and testing we found that any cell phone cases can impact the radiation properties of a wireless device in an uncontrolled way.  Our research indicates that badly designed cell phone cases can partially block a phone’s antenna, making the device work harder to transmit signals.  This means that in those situations there may be potentially more radiation coming from the phone as it tries to maintain its signal. Established in 1996, current FCC testing standards already account for accessories such as belt clips and holsters, which were pervasive in the 1990s, but not for cases, which did not exist then. Today, most consumers use cases, while belt clips and holsters are much less common.  Due to gaps in the FCC’s cell phone regulations, a phone worn right next to the body and enclosed by a case that obstructs the antenna could expose the user to more radiation than the FCC’s legal limit. alara urged the FCC to take into account cell phone cases during its compliance testing process to ensure that consumers are protected under normal operating conditions.  We have been concerned about this and we are happy to see that we are not alone.  The new article from EWG was done independent of alara but resonates with alara for concern on this issue.  EWG conducted its own research and drew data from published information including alara’s filings to the FCC. We encourage you to read their article found via the link below. Does Your Cell Phone Case Raise Your Radiation Exposure?