Since we released our new Gold Reveal cases, you may have noticed lots of people talking about them. We don't like to brag, but we can't help but feel a little giddy. It's great that our newly designed cases are getting attention. Even better, it means that we're spreading the word about how alara technology reduces exposure to wireless energy.

Here are just some of things people have said about our new cases.
"alara, maker of radiation-diverting smartphone accessories, has teamed up with design firm Ideo to deliver a more elegant solution: the Gold Reveal, a snap-on protective case for smart gadgets that’s equal parts safety and eye candy."
-- Fast Co. Design, "A Stylish iPhone Case That Shields You From Harmful Radiation"
"... ana lara case not only boosts your dad's mobile signal, but also protects him from electromagnetic radiation."
-- Mashable, "10 Tech Accessories Your Day Will Love"
"What if you could take care of your body and actually look cool while doing so? A new collaboration between protective case maker alara and the design firm IDEO attempts to do just that."
-- Wired, "A Sexy iPhone Case That Shields Your Brain From Radiation" But don't just take their word for it -- try it for yourself! The new gold-themed cases are available now for: