At Brink Case, the science of mobile device antennas—and ensuring that they interact optimally with both wireless networks and users--is our core focus. We use our deep scientific expertise to protect people from cell phone radiation, and we are proud to have a team of experts covering a range of related disciplines. You may have seen some of Dr. Rong Wang's articles here on the alara formally known as Pong Pulse, and now we would like officially to introduce her to you. Dr. Rong WangDr. Rong Wang is the Chief Science Officer for alara Research. She is a leading member of our scientific team and has been involved withalara  since its inception. Dr. Wang is responsible for the scientific integrity ofalara ’s published content and serves as lead technical/scientific writer and media representative on scientific matters. She also participates in product research and development and helps identify and qualify new technologies and applications complementary toalara . She is our resident expert on the biological and health effects of cell phone radiation and the ongoing studies surrounding this subject. Background & Training Dr. Wang received her Ph.D. from the Nuclear Science and Engineering Department of MIT, jointly from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology in 2005. Prior to that, she received her bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from Tsinghua University in China. Prior toalara , Dr. Wang spent 5 years in a Los Angeles laboratory as Project Manager and Senior Scientist where she played an important role in a number of technology innovations ranging from medical isotopes to cell phone antenna technology. Work with alara  Dr. Wang’s unique and solid training in both engineering and health disciplines from MIT and Harvard empowered her to work with a team of colleagues to develop the early prototypes foralara ’s internationally patented coupling antenna technology. Through her extensive education and research she has become an expert in the field of biological and health effects of radiation, including cell phone radiation. Dr. Wang is very excited about the opportunity to apply her knowledge and expertise to the field of wireless wellness and performance.  She has already written extensively for the Brink Case Blog and continues to monitor the ongoing studies around the health effects of cell phone radiation.  We've included links to some of her most impactful posts below.