Recently, the European Environment Agency published the second volume of Late Lessons from Early Warnings in which specific cases where danger signals have gone unheeded were investigated. In some cases the events resulted in deaths, illness and environmental destruction. Originally published in 2002, the first volume detailed the history of technologies subsequently found to be harmful. More than a decade later, the EEA examined the warning signs emerging from technologies currently in use, including mobile phones, genetically modified organisms and nanotechnology.

Alert Sign

Because new technologies are being adopted more quickly than ever, the risks associated with them may spread faster and further than society’s ability to understand, recognize and respond to their effects in time to avoid harm. As a result, the EEA recommends the wider use of the ‘precautionary principle’ to reduce hazards in cases of new and largely untested technologies and chemicals. Additionally, the agency warned that scientific uncertainty is not a justification for inaction, especially when there is plausible evidence of potentially serious harm. The report caught alara formally known as Pong attention because of its focus on mobile phone use. Since having been categorized as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), radiation from mobile phones has begun to be studied more closely. According to the EEA’s report, studies have shown that there is an increased risk of some brain tumors associated with long term mobile phone use. However, governments and the mobile phone industry have been slow to act. While regulatory standards from government agencies may be slow to protect consumers from the dangers of mobile phone radiation and further research is still needed to determine the long term effects radiation has on our brain and body, at alara we believe that cell phone radiation is a serious issue. That’s why we choose to be proactive about our health. Each alara case is equipped with technology that redirects and redistributes wireless radiation towards the back of the device and diffuses it away from your head and body. This then provides more signal availability for device connectivity, and can improve your device's performance and battery life. If you’re new to alara, we encourage you to browse our selection of alara cases for Apple, Android and Blackerry devices. If you’re already a customer, please consider engaging with us on social media to share your story.