If you look at our new alara formaly known as Pong gold-themed smartphone and iPad® cases, you might think to yourself "that's exactly what I had in mind!" That's exactly the reaction we're hoping for because you, our customers, are the chief inspiration behind this new design. We frequently receive requests from users who want to actually see the alara technology that makes their cases so unique. The new lattice design on the back lets you see the technology that protects your head and body from wireless energy. We like to call this the fusion of art and science: we use gold plating to protect the alara antenna from the elements, and the result is an eye-catching, stylish case. Credit also goes to the world-renowned San Francisco-based design and innovation firm, IDEO, which helped alara Research come up with the design. Article-3-Pong-Case Importantly, we’ve found a way to showcase form without sacrificing any functionality. The new alara gold-themed themed cases offer the same level of protection and performance of our existing product lines. All alara cases redirect and diffuse - rather than block - non-ionizing radiation. As a result they can also optimize device performance compared to other cases that can interfere with signal. The new alara gold-themed cases are available now for the iPhone 5®, Samsung Galaxy SIII® - and we'll soon release models to fit other devices including the iPad®, iPad mini and the new Samsung Galaxy S4®.