At alara, we are committed to protecting people from the potential dangers of cell phone radiation. Everything we do is grounded in science, and we don’t make claims that we cannot validate. We believe that cell phone radiation is a serious issue, even though research is still being done to determine the effects that exposure has on our brains and bodies. Unfortunately, many companies have sought to exploit concerns about cell phone radiation with scams aimed at taking advantage of worried consumers. Recently the Better Business Bureau warned consumers to be on the lookout for scammers selling “shields” and other questionable devices that supposedly protect cell phone users from the radiation emitted from their phones. To be very clear, alara is the only mobile device case proven to reduce your exposure to radiation while still protecting your signal strength. While there are a number of products including cell phone shields in the market today that claim to “reduce cell phone radiation,” the Federal Trade Commission advises consumers to avoid such products. Many of them simply don’t work, while others actually block the radiation your devices need in order to communicate with cell phone towers. Unfortunately when shields block radiation, mobile devices work even harder to communicate—and so your exposure may actually increase, not decrease. Alara technology, on the other hand, doesn’t block radiation; it simply redirects it away from your head and body and renders it less concentrated. Using a patented Coupled Antenna System, alara is the only technology proven in laboratories certified by the Federal Communications Commission to reduce exposure to mobile device radiation by up to 95% below international safety limits without compromising a device’s ability to communicate.


We stand behind our alara cases, and your satisfaction is very important to us! At any time in the first 60 days after purchase, if your alara case does not meet your expectations, you can return it for a replacement or refund. Currently, we are only able to refund the original purchaser. If it was a gift, we are happy to exchange the case for another case at the same price. Also, if at any time in the first 180 days, your case becomes defective or damaged, please let us know and we will replace the case free of charge!