case now antenna later
case now antenna later

Want immediate protection for your phone? Purchase the alara case and the following business day, we’ll ship you the phone case body to protect your phone. Meanwhile, we’ll be working on engineering the radiation protection antenna which will ship with easy installation instructions as soon as they’re ready.

What do you mean case now and radiation protection antenna later?

We will have the case bodies available at launch for people who want to purchase the alara case to protect their phone while they wait for us to design the radiation protection antenna. Once the radiation protection antenna is ready, we will ship that to you with easy installation instructions.

Will the phone case body protect my phone?

Yes. We know you want to protect your phone as soon as you have it. So we’ve made sure that you can have the alara phone case body for drop protection while we engineer the antenna.

Why isn’t the radiation protection antenna available at launch?

Due to the nature of our product, we can’t offer our first-rate radiation protection until our engineers have the phone. That’s because to reduce your exposure to radiation, we have to design a radiation redirection antenna that will pair with the phone’s antenna.

Why do I need the alara radiation protection antenna for radiation protection?

Our patented antenna technology is the key to reducing your radiation exposure. By pairing with the phone’s antenna, the alara case redirects radiation away from your head and body which reduces your radiation exposure. LEARN MORE

Will I need to place another order for the antenna?

Not at all! When you order the case, we will ship the case. Then, we will make sure that as soon as your antenna is ready, we will ship you the antenna that works for your phone. No additional purchases are necessary!

How do I install my antenna?

The installation is simple. Just follow these instructions and now your case is ready to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation.

case install

When will the radiation protection antennas be ready?

We hope to have all of our radiation protection antennas ready as soon as possible after the phone launch.


case now, antenna later