What is cell phone radiation?

Your cell phone communicates by transmitting and receiving encoded signals comprised of radio-frequency (RF) energy, a form of electromagnetic radiation. This signal, which is vital for communication, is also commonly referred to as cell phone radiation. Because it's not practical to eliminate cell phone radiation, alara reduces your cellphone radiation exposure to “as low as reasonably achievable”.

RF exposure graphic
RF exposure graphic

alara technology

Embedded within your alara case is an antenna precisely placed to interact with your phone’s antenna (in a process known as electromagnetic coupling). The dimensions of the alara antenna are engineered to resonate at cell phone radio frequencies, so that cell phone signal is drawn towards the alara antenna and away from your head and body. alara does not shield or block RF. As a result your exposure to cell phone radiation is reduced without degrading your signal.

How are alara cases made?

alara cases consist of the patented alara antenna technology, embedded within a tough polycarbonate plastic case. A TPU rim provides enhanced drop protection and a comfortable grip. The alara antenna is a micro-thin layer of copper and nickel applied to the polycarbonate case using a unique LAP (Laser Activated Plating) technique which provides the precision required for alara’s electromagnetic coupling and resonance.

How is cell phone radiation tested?

alara cases are tested in compliance with international cell phone radiation safety guidelines. Our test lab uses a state-of-the-art vector array measurement system with advanced 3D reconstruction algorithms to measure SAR. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate – it is the international standard for quantifying how much cell phone radiation is absorbed by the human body. alara reduces your exposure to cell phone radiation (SAR) by up to 67% (as measured on Samsung Galaxy S8+, Verizon, CDMA BC0 (832MHz), right cheek touch). SAR reduction varies depending on phone model, carrier, frequency band and use case.

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