iPhone Mobile Service Provider Compatibility

The antenna inside the alara case is precision engineered to work specifically for your phone and mobile service provider’s network. Lucky for us, a lot of mobile service providers share networks.

To find an alara case that works for you, simply find your mobile service provider below and choose the specified provider when purchasing your alara case.

CARRIER Supported Case Carrier for alara
Access Wireless Sprint
AF Mobile Verizon
Affinity Cellular Verizon
AirVoice Wireless AT&T
Assurance Wireless Sprint
Bell Wireless AT&T or T-Mobile
Black Wireless AT&T
Boost Sprint
campusSIMs AT&T or T-Mobile
Cellular Abroad AT&T
Chatr AT&T or T-MobileT-Mobile
China Telecom Americas (CTExcel) T-Mobile
China Unicom Americas (CUniq) T-Mobile
Chit Chat Mobile Sprint
Consumer Cellular AT&T or T-Mobile
Consumer Cellular AT&T or T-Mobile
Credo Mobile Verizon
Cricket AT&T
Earthtones AT&T
EasyGO Wireless AT&T
enTouch Wireless Verizon
Entouch Wireless Verizon
Feel Safe Wireless AT&T
Fido AT&T or T-Mobile
Freedom Mobile AT&T or T-Mobile
GoSmart Mobile T-Mobile
GreatCall Verizon
H2O Wireless AT&T
Hayai Mobile AT&T or T-Mobile
Jolt Mobile AT&T
KDDI Mobile AT&T
KidsConnect T-Mobile
Koodo Mobile AT&T or T-Mobile
Kroger i-wireless Sprint
Liberty Wireless T-Mobile
Life Wireless AT&T
LycaMobile T-Mobile
Lusacell AT&T or T-Mobile
Madstar Mobile Sprint
MetroPCS T-Mobile
Mint Mobile T-Mobile
Mobal T-Mobile
Mobilicity AT&T or T-Mobile
Movistar AT&T or T-Mobile
Nextel AT&T or T-Mobile
NTT DoCoMo USA T-Mobile
Page Plus Cellular Verizon
Patriot Mobile Sprint
Public Mobile AT&T or T-Mobile
Pure TalkUSA AT&T
Pure Unlimited AT&T
Q Link Wireless Sprint
Ready Mobile Sprint
Roam Mobility T-Mobile
Rodgers Wireless AT&T or T-Mobile
ROK Mobile AT&T
Scratch Wireless Sprint
SeaWolf Wireless T-Mobile
Selectel Wireless Verizon
Shentel Sprint
Simple Mobile T-Mobile
SkyView Wireless AT&T
Speed Talk Mobile T-Mobile
Spring AT&T
Stream Wireless Sprint
Tello US Sprint
Telcel AT&T or T-Mobile
Telus AT&T or T-Mobile
Total Wireless Verizon
TruConnect  Sprint
Twigby Sprint
Ultra Mobile T-Mobile
Value Wireless T-Mobile
Virgin Mobile USA Sprint
Visible Verizon
Videotron AT&T or T-Mobile
Virgin Mobile AT&T or T-Mobile
Walmart Family Mobile T-Mobile
Wind AT&T or T-Mobile
Wing Sprint
Xfinity Mobile Verizon
ZIP SIM T-Mobile